Sound Projections Sound Machine – Basic Package



Sound Machine – SM-5 Basic Package (Wireless)

  • 200 watt Portable Sound System with 123-channel Shure wireless
The reference by which all others are measured.
  • At 32 pounds (35 with options), the SM-5 delivers 200 watts, 127dB SPL and 4-8 hours of operating time.
  • Optional CD/MP3 player with USB port, and up to two auto-scan wireless microphones.
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery improve efficiency, reduce overall weight and extend operating time.
  • ‘Talkover’ feature automatically lowers program material when speaking on microphone, ideal for short announcements and multi-media presentations.
  • Operates up to a full day on the internal battery, or plug it in for continuous use.
  • Best warranty in the industry; 6 years on the system, 3 years on the LFP battery.

Package Includes:

  • SM-5 Sound Machine with 2000 cycle Lithium battery and AC powered sound system
  • OPT-40 Shure UHF 123-channel handheld wireless microphone
  • OPT-101 CD/MP3 player with USB port
  • SS-2 speaker stand with tote bag


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