Welcome to School Resources

If your organization or school has a need for a portable PA system for such functions as car line duty, choral/band programs, athletic events, physical education classes, or programs in general, Sound System Resources, a division of School Resources, Inc. probably has a sound system that would suit your needs. If your organization has a marching band, they may have previously been using a sound system called Long Ranger. This product is no longer being manufactured, parts are difficult to obtain, and repairs are costly. Our product number VM-2 – Voice Machine is an excellent replacement for the Long Ranger as the 123-channel Shure microphone will allow 300 feet between the speaker and the microphone.

School Resources is a seventy-year old company which has been serving school systems and government agencies with products such as portable sound systems, laminators, printed products, testing pencils, and furniture. We are a North Carolina E-Procurement company. We accept school and county purchase orders with verification via fax.

Our pricing is competitive, and we encourage you to call (800) 666-8486 or e-mail our office at dcromlish@yahoo.com for pricing and other desired product information.